Diversity & Inclusion

At Pearson we value the power of difference.

We believe we are at our 
best when we harness the unique skills, perspectives, and backgrounds of every employee to foster innovation and create the most effective solutions for learners around the world.

That’s why we’re committed to ensuring that diversity and inclusion are embedded in everything we do. We foster a work environment that is inclusive as well as diverse, where we reflect our customers and learners, and where our people can be themselves.

Our Diversity & Inclusion efforts are focused on three primary areas: our people, our culture, and our learners.

We seek to:

  • Be broadly viewed as an inclusive employer of choice to attract the top talent.
  • Build a culture of innovation and learning where every idea and perspective is valued and where we embed the principles of diversity & inclusion into all business processes & practices.
  • Build closer relationships with our customers and learners by ensuring that our people and products reflect who we are and whom we serve.
  • Contribute to the development of inclusive products, solutions, and services for our customers.