Low-cost private schools in the developing world

Pearson supports the notion of free government provision of education led by well-qualified, well-trained teachers, for every child across the world.

The reality is though, that fifty seven million children have no school available to them.

Pearson often partners with governments to improve education systems across the world and intends to continue such efforts.

However as a leading learning company there are situations when we believe we have a responsibility to work with every part of society - government, local authorities, aid agencies, charities as well as local entrepreneurs and private companies as we can help give as many people as we can the chance of a better education and a better start in life.

Tens of thousands of low-cost private schools have long existed across the developing world. Pearson has made minority investments in a handful of school groups with the potential to deliver better outcomes at low cost for students in countries including Ghana, South Africa, Kenya and the Philippines.

These investments will help to improve educational access and outcomes in countries where provision is poor or lacking.