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MyEnglishLab is an online platform that delivers English practice and assessment activities for students learning English as a foreign language. The product provides students with automatic feedback and remediation tools to help them succeed. It also offers teachers a range of assessment, diagnostic, and personalized intervention tools, including an analysis of common student errors that allows teachers to target problem areas in the classroom. The current MyEnglishLab platform hosts 250 courses that accompany popular Pearson textbooks, ranging from introductory English for secondary-school learners to English for business professionals.


Number of courses hosted by MyEnglishLab to accompany Pearson textbooks, ranging from introductory English to English for business professionals


In a 2015 study at the AWP Academy in Poland, the lowest 25 percent of the class at the beginning of the course had an equal chance of succeeding after using MyEnglishLab as did students who had placed in the top 25 percent


Percent increase in pass rates for mock exams after using MyEnglishLab an INSA University, Strasbourg, France

"MyEnglishLab benefits students by providing instant feedback on the exercises, which allows them to check their understanding and progress, encourages independent learning, and provides motivation."

Heidi Lieb, an instructor at Bergen Community College New Jersey.  

MyEnglishLab courses are built using extensive research on second-language acquisition theories. An on-going research analytics program explores how learners perform and behave using MyEnglishLab, and these results have been used to continuously improve the platform since it first launched in 2012. Pearson is also conducting studies at different institutions to explore the impact of MyEnglishLab on learners and teachers in specific contexts. The results of these studies will be used to improve teacher training and implementation of course materials.

Intended outcome 1

Learners achieve progress in learning English.

In 2013, Pearson commissioned a study at the AWF Academy in Poland to measure student success while using MyEnglishLab.

When all MyEnglishLab assignments were completed, students who appeared in the lowest 25 percent of the class at the beginning of the course had an equal chance of succeeding as students who had placed in the top 25 percent.

MyEnglishLab is used in dozens of countries and has helped hundreds of thousands of students learn English as a foreign language. Regardless of country or culture, MyEnglishLab aims to engage learners and help them achieve their personal goals. Testimonials from instructors around the globe illustrate MyEnglishLab’s success in achieving this goal.

Intended outcome 2

Learners have a positive experience while using MyEnglishLab.

MyEnglishLab is continuously evolving with improved content, new features, and enhanced functionality.

As a result of insights from customer feedback, the product was redesigned to guide students more easily to the latest assignments and course materials. Following studies of effective implementation models with individual institutions, a new feature was added to remind teachers to assign homework activities. Pearson also conducts analyses of practice activities and assessment items, which are used for periodic content improvements. In 2016, regular reporting on learner and teacher engagement will be launched and used to provide on-going insights for improved content, product design, and in-classroom engagement.

Moving forward, Pearson is planning significant research initiatives to continually assess and improve MyEnglishLab. Pearson currently has multiple large-scale analytics projects in progress, including over 10 quantitative efficacy studies and over 25 qualitative case studies with individual teachers and institutions across the globe. As the global significance of English grows in both personal and professional contexts, MyEnglishLab helps hundreds of thousands of people achieve their ambitions.

MyEnglishLab has ambitious plans to continue this research and further demonstrate the impact of the program on learner outcomes. For an overview of these plans, please see the accompanying Impact Evaluation Report below.

In 2013, we announced our efficacy initiative to measure the impact that our products and services have on our learners. We committed to publicly report our findings starting in 2018, and to subject those reports to external audit.  We are pleased to release our preliminary reports to share the work we have done so far and what we have planned ahead. The content in these reports reflects the continued refinement of our approach; while our work continues to advance, we are proud to share transparently what we have learned. We anticipate that we will continue to further refine these reports as we approach our 2018 target.

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Type: Courseware

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