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MyLab IT empowers learners on their way to future employment

In a technology-driven world, digital literacy has become a foundational requirement for college and career success. Students and professionals must navigate a world of ever changing technology and demonstrate proficiency in specific skills to flourish.

MyLab IT provides students with the opportunity to develop digital literacy and Microsoft Office skills through an authentic learning experience grounded in the principles of learning design. It combines world-class content and simulations, real-world projects, badging and the opportunity for certification, and instructional support and feedback. MyLab IT prepares students to thrive in future courses and differentiate themselves in their careers.

“Just wanted to reach out and say thanks again for helping me get access to MyLab IT. I took some lessons over to refresh and took their assessment last night. I just had my first phone interview and he told me I scored the highest out of all the applicants and current employees, including him. Thanks for helping out a former student.”

–Joe Jackson

In 2016, Pearson researchers, in collaboration with faculty at a university in the Midwest, explored how students' usage of and performance on MyLab IT activities were related to outcomes in an introductory IT course.

Intended Outcomes

Learners complete assignments; complete the course and pass the course

The resources in MyLab IT are designed to help students persist and to finish the course. In the research, the majority of learners who enrolled in the course completed it:

  • 72% completed all course exams and the course.
  • For those learners who completed the course, 78% earned passing scores.
MyLab IT scoring statistics

Learner use of MyLab IT is predictive of the level of mastery demonstrated in the course.

  • The more MyLab IT activities attempted, the higher the students’ average course exam score. On average, for every seven additional MyLab IT assignments attempted, average course exam grades increased by about 5%—or half a letter grade.
  • Learners with higher average scores on MyLab IT Practice Exams averaged significantly higher scores on course exams. Specifically, when students improved their average score on MyLab IT Practice Exams by 4%, they tended to improve their average course exam grade by about 1%.

Relationship between students’ average course exam scores and their MyLab IT usage (left) and their MyLab IT performance (right), after controlling for prior content knowledge:

MyLab IT Research Report scatterplot

“I really liked the multiple attempts because it allowed me to effectively learn from my mistakes while also improving my grade.”

–Student at Purdue University

“I really benefited from the practice Simulation Trainings with the learning aids! I would have been unable to complete the course assignments without completing the practice beforehand.”

–Student at Purdue University

Teaching Students the Most-Requested Job Skills (Experiences from an educator study)

MyLab IT supports student learning of critical Microsoft Office skills in this course as well as in coursework, careers, and personal application beyond the course. Students using MyLab IT in a Business Computing course at MacEwan University stated that:

“These Excel skills made my accounting course so much easier, I was able to finish my assignments with ease and did well on them.”

“The Excel course taught me Solver, which related directly to my finance course, so that was a huge help.”

“I was already familiar and comfortable with Excel prior to this class, but it still helped me so, so much. I loved the training on tables as well. I use this now each month when I do my personal finances and bank reconciliation. So useful!”

Realistic, online learning for career readiness skills

MyLab IT is an innovative and personalized way to teach and learn digital literacy and Microsoft Office productivity skills needed for college and career success. Used by more than 400,000 students around the world each year, MyLab IT has helped train and assess 3.5 million learners since its first release in 2007.

“MyLab IT is perfect for online courses,” says Kim Potts, Associate Professor, North Arkansas College in Arkansas, because it allows her to “see” things that she couldn’t before.

It also gives students a view of things in the Office environment that are important for their success. The video tutorials (simulations) are ideal for online courses: They give immediate feedback and show students what their mistakes are and how to correct them in a step-by-step format.

While homework and repetitive practice is the key to learning Microsoft applications, the interactive nature of MyLab IT was a contributing factor in helping a university to redesign its course and to achieve the goals of increased student engagement, improved learning outcomes, and greater interaction and collaboration during in-class sessions.

Chuck Downing, Presidential Teaching Professor at a large state university in the US, reports that in his flipped classroom course environment MyLab IT is a critical component of the course implementation.  

“I wouldn’t teach this course without MyLab IT,” he says.

Report Downloads

Read how we conducted the research in the 2015-2016 Research Report.