Efficacy FAQS

What is efficacy?

Why report on the efficacy of your products?

What is Pearson’s efficacy reporting commitment?

What makes your reports different to those that we see produced elsewhere in the sector?

You have three levels of efficacy report for each product: the web page, Research Report, and Technical Report. Which one should I read?

Why are the assessment reports so different?

What is the significance of limited assurance audit and how does it differ from a financial audit?

What other types of research does Pearson use?

Surely the effectiveness of an education product depends more on the educator than the product?

These reports are not evidence of 'real' efficacy (i.e., providing evidence of a causal relationship between a product and outcomes). Is there really any value in studies which are not causal, such as randomized controlled trials or quasi-experimental designs?

What's the value of statements about different types of learner outcome? (e.g., are statements about access as useful as statements about progression?)

Will Pearson be publishing new or updated efficacy reports for the same products in future years?

Will you be reporting on all your products?

The industry standard is to peer review research reports. Why have you decided to complete an audit as well?