Efficacy Reports: Adult Learning

Global businesses and professionals seek products and services that have demonstrated ability to support adult learning - be it for language learning, continuing education or credentialing, or other information supporting professional advancement.  

Through our efficacy work we’re learning about the impact that such products and services have on the learning outcomes of adult learners and professionals. We have reported publicly on the impact of our products on learners through preliminary efficacy reports since launching our efficacy work in 2013. Today we remain the only education company with a public commitment to third party audit and validation of our efficacy and research studies.

We are very early in the evidence gathering and reporting cycle.

As you'll see from the 2015 efficacy reports included below, we are very early in the evidence gathering and reporting cycle. In those cases, where the data and research methodology are robust, we share what we know about their efficacy. For most products, however, we are much earlier in the cycle of studying impact. We’ve tried to be transparent about what we will be doing to study that product’s efficacy over time.

Each product report is accompanied by a technical research report, which explores further detail on any foundational research that was used to develop the product, the impact evaluations we’ve done, and planned studies to understand the product’s impact. We are serious about transparently reporting on the efficacy of our products, and through these early reports we codify our learning as well as report on our progress to date.

We need your active engagement and feedback.

We hope that you will take the time to read the reports relevant to you and see them as positive evidence of our progress on efficacy and the impact of our products on learner outcomes. After you read, help us learn, by emailing us your feedback to efficacy.global@pearson.com.

2015 Efficacy Reports