Qatar Report of Educator Effectiveness

Driving Growth Through Great Education

There is a strong connection between a country’s future economic growth and the quality of its education system. Studies in developing nations indicate that no country has ever achieved continuous and rapid growth without at least a 40% adult literacy rate.

Decades of research make it clear: teachers make a difference in student learning. By focusing on improving teacher quality, Qatar can raise the quality of its education system.

Despite Qatar’s vast wealth and a focus on education system reform, there remain multiple challenges to developing an effective teacher workforce, such as:

  • Teaching is not currently considered a top career choice in Qatar and is undervalued by society as a profession
  • Qatar relies on expatriates for teaching
  • Recent research in Qatar’s schools concluded that renewed attention needs to be focused on student motivation

What does it mean to be an effective teacher in Qatar? Pearson asked students, parents, teachers, principals, policymakers and education researchers what they thought.

Top 10 most important qualities of teachers in Qatar:

  1. Ability to Develop Trusting, Productive Relationships
  2. Subject Matter Knowledge
  3. Ability to Engage Students in Learning
  4. Teaching Skills/Pedagogical Practices
  5. Patient, Caring, Kind Personality
  6. Professionalism
  7. Ability to Make Ideas and Content Clear
  8. Knowledge of Learners
  9. Dedication to Teaching
  10. Intelligence

Agreement on the Importance of Relationships

Although we found some differences, we were surprised by the general agreement from respondents. All stakeholder groups endorsed the importance of teachers building trusting relationships and relating well to students.

It was surprising to find that a small percentage of responses from educators included knowledge and skills known to enhance student learning and emphasized in Qatar's teaching standards. These include qualities like using assessments and lesson planning.

Informing Teacher Training and Evaluation

When Qatar hired a research organization to identify areas of need and focus for improving the nation’s education system, they found that:

  • Poor student performance on international tests and problems hiring skilled employees in the business sector indicated that a large percent of students were not able to compete globally in necessary job skills for economic growth.
  • As a result, the focus turned to several key areas for education reform, including the preparation and training of the teacher workforce.

Given these challenges, teacher preparation and training initiatives should add a focus on the development of these critical dispositions of care and character noted by respondents.