Shares and shareholding

Registrar information

You can get more information about your Pearson shares by going to the Shareview website or by contacting our Registrar at:

Aspect House
Spencer Road
West Sussex
BN99 6DA

Tel: +44 (0) 371 384 2043 or, for those shareholders with hearing difficulties, textphone: +44 (0) 371 384 2255.

How it works

Whenever the company has a shareholder mailing, you will receive an e-mail with a link to the website where electronic copies of the document can be viewed or downloaded. The documents themselves will not be sent with the e-mail. You will no longer receive a copy of that document by post.

You should be aware that the company's legal obligations to you in respect of the delivery of information will be satisfied when the Registrar on behalf of the company transmits an e-mail to you at the address you have provided, whether or not it is delivered. Nevertheless, where the Registrar is aware of any failure in delivery of an electronic message, a notification will be posted to your last known address informing you that the attempt to communicate with you electronically has failed and advising you of the website address where the document can be found.


You should note that e-mail communications are not necessarily secure and there is always a risk that e-mail messages may be lost, intercepted or tampered with. In agreeing that the company and its Registrar may communicate with you electronically, you agree that neither the company nor the Registrar will be under any liability for any losses that may arise as a result of any such loss, interception or tampering or other factors beyond their control. You should check documents and attachments for viruses and defects before opening and using them. The liability of the company and its Registrar in this respect is limited to re-delivering the affected documents.

If you have any questions about Shareview, please contact Equiniti on +44 (0)371 384 2233.

Share dealing service

A postal dealing service is available through Equiniti. Please telephone 0371 384 2248 for details or log on to the Share View website to download a form.

Pearson does not contact its shareholders directly to provide recommendation advice and neither does it appoint third parties to do so. As required by law, our shareholder register is available for public inspection but we cannot control the use of information obtained by persons inspecting the register. Please treat any approaches purporting to originate from Pearson with caution.

Downloadable forms

These are available from the Shareview website.

Shareholder forms