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  • Teaching Traditional Craft Professions to the Next Generation

    Welders welding

    After Jennifer Wilkerson taught English in high school for 13 years, she went to work in her husband’s welding fabrication shop managing the business.

    Today, those two professions are merged in her work as marketing director for The National Center for Construction Education and Research, or NCCER.

    “My 14-year-old daughter often goes to her dad’s welding shop,” Jennifer says. “She’s using complex automation programs to fabricate industrial products with a plasma cutter.”

    “This is the kind of profession we’re hoping to introduce to the next generation of craft professionals,” she says.

    “People don’t realize the math, science and technology that are involved in the construction and maintenance industries. The certifications require knowledge and skills and can be tough,” Jennifer says, “but these jobs can be quite lucrative.”

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  • Tiny Cubicle Giving That Could Change the World

    Two toddlers playing

    Before most popular social platforms caught on—or were even created—a small non-profit started to show individuals around the world new ways to engage with pressing problems.

    Kiva was founded in 2005 to “connect people through lending to alleviate poverty,” celebrating and supporting people “looking to create a better future for themselves.”

    It was before crowdfunding was even a thing.

    And the organization’s success showed the value behind people connecting with other people in real ways.

    Kiva’s Jason Riggs calls it “human-scaling the big issues.”


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