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  • How Early Childhood Assessments Can Help, Not Hinder

    Mom and child playing

    Shawn Hardee regularly leads his wife’s preschool class in a sing-a-long. (“There’s nothing better than hearing kids sing with you!” he says.)

    He’s the father of two young children.

    He’s also one of Pearson’s leading experts on early childhood assessment.

    And—he refers to young students as “kiddos.”

    “These students are not research subjects,” Shawn says. “They’re kids.”

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  • How to Make Technology Work for Learners, Not the Other Way Around

    Man using a laptop computer

    Denis Hurley is Director of Future Technologies at Pearson.

    “We explore emerging technologies,” he says. “Often these are technologies developed for other industries, like the military or entertainment companies or medical research firms.”

    Denis actually studied film production in college.

    “I loved telling stories,” Denis says. “I was drawn to the process of developing film, matching it with sound, cutting it all together, and producing something that gave viewers an experience.”

    “It was like creating something out of nothing,” he says.

    “In the same way,” Denis says, “many of the technologies available to learning today can transport students in powerful ways.”

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  • Team USA Diver Soars to New Heights With the Help of Online School

    Jordan Windle

    17-year-old Team USA diver Jordan Windle—a specialist in the 10-meter platform event—is afraid of heights.

    “10 meters is three stories high,” he says, laughing. “But the thing I love about diving is being able to overcome the fear.”

    Jordan took his first plunge when he was 7 years old. After 30 minutes on the platform, he finally jumped—and he hasn’t stopped jumping since.

    In addition to being one of the youngest-ever U.S. Men’s National Champion on 10-meter platform (an event he won when he was only 15 years old); he is also a 2-time U.S. National Champion on the 3-meter springboard in the mixed-gender synchronized event – his synchro partner is Olympic Silver Medalist, Abbey Johnston.

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  • Higher Ed Online: From ‘Crazy Idea’ to a Modern Student’s Expectation

    Graduate hugging a child

    Todd Hitchock says his work for today’s students seeking a degree in higher education is to help them connect the dots “from Google to diploma.”

    A student might start the whole process by searching online for online degree programs.

    And in his role leading Pearson’s online learning services in North America, Todd’s job is to make their pathway to diploma as easy as possible—from that first click, to graduation day.

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