Embedding Sustainability

“… Meeting the needs of the world by ensuring the sustainability of our business.”

John Fallon, Chief Executive

Our Mission

At Pearson, we aim to help people make progress in their lives through learning.

Sustainability at the Heart of Our Strategy

Sustainability is critical to achieving that mission and ensuring our long-term competitiveness. Our customers, employees, partners, and learners expect us to uphold the highest business standards, continuously enhance the quality of our products, and contribute to their communities. Operating ethically and sustainably is not just a responsibility, it is a fundamental enabler of our commercial success.

I am proud of Pearson’s track record in sustainability:

  • We are a founding signatory to the United Nations (UN) Global Compact
  • We have been climate neutral since 2009
  • We are committed to reporting on efficacy – how our products and services improve learning outcomes – by 2018.
  • This year we set ourselves our long-term growth objective to reach 200 million learners annually by 2025.

Progress Through Learning

The launch of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) opens up new opportunities for us to help solve some of the world’s biggest economic, social, and environmental challenges. Education can help deliver all 17 SDGs. It is one of the most powerful forces for good, empowering people to take charge of their lives and creating pathways to greater opportunities for families, communities, and nations.

A more sustainable planet depends on providing everyone with the tools to progress in their lives. Yet millions of people worldwide cannot access quality education, and millions more do not learn the skills they need to be successful in life and work.

By building a stronger and more sustainable Pearson, we will impact the lives of more learners and help lay the foundations for a safer, more inclusive, more prosperous world.

Our Contribution to a Sustainable Future

A lot has changed since we first began assessing and reporting on our sustainability activities over a decade ago.

As Pearson becomes increasingly global, digital, and data-driven, and interacts more directly than ever before with consumers, we believe that we can make a unique, long-term contribution to the world and the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.