Reimagining sustainability at Pearson

“… Over the past year, we’ve begun to transform sustainability at Pearson. Our new plan helps us focus our efforts on where we can make the most significant positive impact.”

Amanda Gardiner, VP of Sustainability and social innovation

Assessing sustainability at Pearson

In 2015, we reviewed our approach to sustainability in order to ensure our strategy and activities match our ambition to be the global leader in education.

The review took into account the changing education and business climate, and reflected the views of a wide range of stakeholders, both internal and external, who helped us refine our priorities and begin to define how to meaningfully report on progress.

A new approach

Our sustainability plan is our 2020 vision to create value for our learners, shareholders, and society more widely.

The plan is built around three core pillars:

While still a work in progress, it represents a significant step in moving beyond traditional ‘corporate social responsibility’ toward a more holistic approach to ‘sustainability’ that informs and integrates all of our business activities.

Sustainability reporting

Our Sustainability report 2015 tells the story of our new plan, and of the changing nature of sustainability at Pearson. It provides an overview of our company’s progress, including the social, economic, and environmental impacts of our everyday practices, and the link between business strategy and our commitment to help create a more sustainable world.

For the first time, we have adopted the Global Reporting Initiative’s G4 reporting guidelines to enhance our previous disclosures and increase transparency around our key impacts.

At Pearson, we are ‘Always Learning’. We are proud of our 2015 achievements, but we also know that the hard work is just beginning.

We will continue to share our story as we integrate sustainability even further into business strategy and planning. Along the way, we will identify and address gaps.  

Our current focus

  • Work collaboratively with Pearson leaders and partners to develop the targets and KPIs that will help us deliver on our new plan
  • Improve how we capture and analyze data to evidence our performance
  • Formalize the structures and behaviors for sharing our plan and engaging with stakeholders in the most meaningful way, and
  • Communicate our plan to Pearson employees to encourage further engagement and bring sustainability to life across the business.

Sustainability leadership

What does sustainability leadership look like for an education company? We hope to challenge the way people inside and outside of Pearson think about our opportunity and capacity to improve the world.

When I consider the scope of Pearson’s capabilities and expertise, the talent and purpose-driven spirit of our employees, and our commitment to continuous improvement, I’m confident that our contribution to creating a better world can be transformative.

Amanda Gardiner, VP of Sustainability and social innovation