Be a Trusted Partner

We are committed to being the best partner we can be to learners, educators, suppliers and communities: living our values through how we do business, treat people, and protect the environment.

Our commitments

Respect and support our people, customers, and communities

We protect the rights, privacy, and safety of our learners and customers, and ensure we deliver relevant, easy-to-use, and effective products and services. We prioritize the wellbeing of our employees and provide them with the opportunity to develop, grow, and be their best selves. We are also dedicated to investing in local communities.

Protect our natural environment

Responsible environmental stewardship not only contributes to a healthy and sustainable planet, it benefits our business by reducing costs and managing risks.

Build a sustainable supply chain

Our goal is to integrate sustainability throughout our supply chain by doing business with partners who share our commitment to human rights and the environment and expanding our pool of diverse suppliers.