Shape the Future of Learning

We will continue to build on our leadership in educational content and assessment to innovate and find new ways to meet each learner where they are, with content that equips today’s learners to shape a better tomorrow for people and planet.

Our commitments

Build skills that foster employability and inclusive economic growth

We focus on fostering the knowledge, skills, and values that learners will need to succeed in life and in work – contributing to UN Sustainable Development Goal 8 on economic growth and decent jobs and Goal 10 on reducing inequality.

Promote education for sustainable development

In order to shape a better tomorrow for people and planet, today’s learners must be informed global citizens who not only understand global issues such as poverty, inequality, and climate change, but are equipped with the skills needed to take on these challenges. By promoting sustainability education, we can explore new market opportunities while making a direct contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and inspiring the next generation to create a better world.

Engage in multi-stakeholder research, dialogue, and collective action to solve global challenges

We are active participants in multi-stakeholder, collective action initiatives that aim to strengthen global education systems, explore the role of the private sector in global education and development, and advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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