Sustainability in Action

Performance reporting

As we embed sustainability and social impact into our business, we are also updating our reporting methodology.

Our aim is to be rigorous and transparent, and for the first time we are reporting according to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)’s G4 reporting guidelines, including the media sector supplement.

This year’s report meets the ‘core’ criteria of these standards, and over the next few years we intend to increase the scope and completeness of our reporting.

Read our 2015 Sustainability Report

Performance against our 2020 plan

This area on our website and our Sustainability report 2015 marks significant a shift in our approach, and now follows our new 2020 sustainability plan.

In 2015 we started reporting on the progress we have made in defining the plan and is the beginning of outlining targets and measuring our sustainability goals in the coming years.

It is structured around the three core pillars of our sustainability plan and the achievements of reaching our goals in these pillars:

2015 Performance highlights

Developed a new Sustainability plan

Aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and focuses our efforts under three pillars:

Launched Every Child Learning

A partnership with Save the Children to tackle the educational barriers faced by children affected or displaced by conflicts and emergencies.

Empower the lives of learners

Committed to empower the lives of 200 million learners annually by 2025, more than doubling our current reach

Contributed £10.7 million in community investment

In 2015, our community investment was £10.7m, or 1.5% of pre-tax profits

Reduced our climate footprint by 15%

(Scope 1 and 2, compared with 2014)

Published 13 efficacy reports

Demonstrating the learner outcomes of key Pearson products.

Project Literacy

More than 453k children and 247k parents and caregivers to benefit from Project Literacy-funded programs