How We’re Empowering Girls in Africa to Succeed in Life and Work

“It’s so difficult in my district to find employment. I had no qualifications beyond my high school certificate and no prospect of getting any either. When I heard about the Learner Guide ProgramI jumped at the chance.”

— Zuhura, Participant in the Camfed Learner Guide Program

Since 2013, Pearson has partnered with international NGO Camfed on a project supported by the UK Department of International Development (DFID) and the relevant national Ministries of Education to help girls from low-income communities in Zimbabwe and Tanzania stay in school, learn, and develop key skills for life and work.

Young women can train to become mentors, or “Learner Guides” through our partnership with Camfed. As Learner Guides, they teach a curriculum called “My Better World” to vulnerable children in rural schools. We co-created the My Better World life skills curriculum with students to ensure it is relevant, gender-sensitive, and effective at improving students’ future employability prospects.

In 2016, we reached 120,000+ secondary school children by Learner Guides with weekly sessions.

3,696 young women were trained as Learner Guides working in 1,172 secondary schools across Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

60,744 vulnerable girls enrolled in secondary school between 2013 and 2017.

Over 400,000 girls and boys in 1,172 rural secondary schools empowered to improve their educational experience and learning outcomes.

In 2014, we committed to develop a BTEC qualification for 5,000 Learner Guides to recognize and certify their achievements. This qualification is designed to help more girls enter formal higher education, teacher training, and the workforce by improving their employability potential.

We awarded 567 BTEC certifications in 2016.

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Photo credit: Eliza Powell/Camfed

Eliza Powell/Camfed
Zuhura, Participant in the Camfed Learner Guide Program