How Catherine Medrano Uses Revel to Help Her Students Overcome Obstacles

“Growing up in a large Mexican-American family in the Central Valley of California, I saw the importance of education in allowing for opportunities and social mobility, but I also saw issues of educational inequality.

This fuels my desire to work in education and bring access and opportunity to nontraditional college students who may be low-income, first-generation, and suffering from other obstacles that make educational attainment difficult. This is why I choose to teach at the community college level. I feel like I can make the biggest impact and make a real difference in the lives of my students.

When my Pearson rep came to me to tell me about this new immersive learning system called Revel, I was willing to listen. Although it was a new and unfamiliar program, I had to put aside my own insecurities and put my students’ best interests first. What really hooked me into the program was the idea that this program could hold them accountable to read!

The evidence is in their test scores. The semester prior to using Revel, my students’ average exam score was 68%. After using Revel, (and keeping everything else the same) their average exam scores increased by 15 points to 83%! I was so proud of my students! I knew they could do it!”

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Catherine Medrano 
Associate Professor, College of the Sequoias and Fresno City College