Teaching Data Analytics in Introductory Accounting Using an Interactive Excel Dashboard Project

Presented by Wendy Tietz

Introducing Data Analytics into an Introductory Accounting course can seem like an overwhelming ask.  Questions come to mind like "How do I incorporate this into my course?" "What tools do I use?" "Where do I find and how do I use a dataset?"

If you and your colleagues have asked these questions, then please join Wendy Tietz, Professor of Accounting at Kent State University, as she discusses how to teach Data Analytics in introductory accounting using an interactive Excel dashboard project. Excel is a great starter tool for introducing data analytics to students because most students have some basic familiarity with Excel and usually have access to Excel. In this webinar, the basics of interactive Excel dashboards will be introduced. A dashboard project that can be assigned to students will be discussed including the available teaching resources for the project. Those resources include step-by-step tutorial videos for each part of the interactive dashboard project, discussion questions, and more. This project is ready to be used in your introductory financial accounting class – and is also available in MyLab. Will also preview a new managerial accounting interactive dashboard project that is coming soon.