How is Pearson Supporting Intro Business Courses in Canada?

Here at Pearson, we are in a constant process of adapting and updating our resources to best suit educator and learner needs. We understand that today’s students are learning in different ways than in the recent past, and that this can have an effect in the classroom, whether in-person or virtual. To help students improve their learning experience and to give instructors access to the very best teaching tools, we’ve developed new and dynamic resources for your Intro Business courses! 

Please explore the information below to learn more about Pearson’s work in Business education. 

Introducing Business Essentials, 10th Canadian edition!

Created specifically for students in Canada, the 10th edition of Business Essentials provides a foundational introduction to business, both in Canada and globally. Designed to fit a variety of course and student needs, this title addresses the theories and practices that define businesses today. Presenting a strong background for best practices and major concepts in business, the text and accompanying tools aim to boost student understanding and engagement. The 10th edition has also been updated with a ground-up approach for inclusive content, DEI, and Indigenous perspectives.  

This title is available through our innovative eText and study platform, MyLab, which provides interactive learning tools to enhance the student experience. MyLab gives students flexibility with personalized learning, and is easy to integrate with any LMS, while also being intuitive for both students and instructors. 


Business Essentials, 10th ed (CA 2023) MyLab + eText

Teaching and learning have changed. How can Pearson help you stay in front of these changes?

Recent events have reshaped how students learn and instructors teach. Today’s classroom is not always an actual room, and students are using online resources more than ever. Our research into this, which involved hundreds of educators across Canada, revealed several trends arising from this educational shift. Namely, instructors are facing new challenges when it comes to: 

  • Student Engagement 
  • Class Preparedness 
  • Employability Skills 
  • Academic Integrity 

We strive to make our resources as applicable, compelling, and clear as possible to address these issues. Business Essentials contains various learning tools within MyLab and the eText to maintain students’ interest and foster the core competencies required for success in this discipline. These tools include Mini Simulations, Dynamic Study Modules, Canadian business cases, Video content, novel assessment abilities, and much more.

MyLab + eText facilitates active learning to help students succeed.

The MyLab platform was designed to empower students to actively participate in their educational experience with flexible learning tools. Built to maximize one’s learning potential, MyLab allows students to engage and practice with course content in a clear way, where their understanding of the topic is the main goal. Interactive content and assessments are integrated throughout the platform and provide opportunities for students to explore concepts in a lower-stakes situation than a quiz or exam.

For educators, however, some key aspects of MyLab are its ability to:  

  • Provide Authentic Assessment – with our Freehand Grading tool, you can see a student’s thought process and easily give individual feedback
  • Easily Tailor Course Work – Design the course your way by choosing which resources and assignments to include
  • Analyze Student Performance – get real-time data on student performance and identify which areas create difficulty 
  • Access High Quality Resources – select from numerous resources created by our team of experts and partners for your course
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Course Currency, Inclusivity, and Indigenous Content

Canada is a country rich in a variety of cultures, nationalities, and ways of thinking – it’s imperative that educational resources strengthen this aspect rather than silence it. Always striving to minimize bias in our content, Pearson is dedicated to creating resources that reflect the diversity, depth, and breadth of all learners’ lived experiences. What this means in practical terms is we have hired subject matter experts with the skills and knowledge to critically review ALL of our content, with a lens on identifying opportunities to make them more inclusive and ensure they are providing real examples of diverse experiences and perspectives.

Pearson Canada has adopted the “Nothing About Us Without Us” principle by working with Indigenous reviewers, content contributors, editors, and authors to ensure the accurate and respectful representation of Indigenous Peoples, histories, cultures, and perspectives. Pearson is also working with Indigenous academics, professionals, and members of Inuit, Métis, and First Nation communities, to increase Indigenous content across all publishing products.  

Please explore our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion website for more information on our Global Content Policy, Bias Reporting Portal, and Pearson Canada’s response to Truth & Reconciliation.

How Does Pearson Set You Up for Success?

We acknowledge that changing your course resources is a time-intensive task, so Pearson has developed an extensive support and setup process to help you along every step of the way. Our team of specialists can assist you in any area – no matter how big or small – to ensure your course materials, LMS integration, and general class use all run smoothly. Whether it’s help creating new slides or a syllabus for your content, adding new instructional materials and features, or even basic assistance on connecting our software to your system, we’ll be there for you.

If you have any questions about this resource or would like to learn more about our learning tools like MyLab, we encourage you to reach out to Lisa Villani, your dedicated Pearson representative for Business courses.