Miller Economics titles to fit the way you teach

To help with your review, we are pleased to showcase our Miller Economics titles to fit the way you teach. We believe the below points are most important to you, but please reach out if there are any other aspects that you were hoping to see.

We thank you for your consideration and look forward to your feedback.

1. Criteria List

We have created a Principles of Economics Adoption Criteria Checklist to help you in your review of Miller Economics. 

Download the criteria list to streamline the features available:

Principles of Economics Adoption Criteria Checklist.docx (DOCX)

2. Extensive breadth of homework problems backed by Learning Science

Dynamic Study Modules

Dynamic Study Modules are assignable modules that adapt to each student’s performance and offer personalized, targeted feedback to help them master key concepts in chemistry.

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Personalized Learning Study Plan

Personalized Learning Study Plan monitors student performances on homework, quizzes, and tests and continuously makes recommendations based on that performance. If they are struggling with mastering critical economic concepts, the Study Plan will provide customized remediation activities--based on personal proficiencies, number of attempts, or difficulty of questions--to get students back on track.

Help me Solve This - Breaks down the problem into steps, figure animations, links to relevant pages of the eText, and more. Students who answer a question incorrectly receive targeted feedback to help develop their understanding — making homework a learning opportunity.

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3. Experiential Learning and Digital Interactives

Digital Interactives are dynamic and engaging activities that promote critical thinking and application of key economic principles.

Each Digital Interactive has progressive levels where students can explore, apply, compare, and analyze a topic.

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4. Special features of the Miller 1Ce eText and MyLab

Video Lessons: Video lessons are brief two- to three-minute instructional videos that cover key definitions and concepts that are embedded within the eText. They reinforce the content by expanding on examples and explaining key graphs and figures, which help students understand essential and difficult economic concepts. The videos appear in the eText and can be assigned through the multimedia library of MyLab.

Real-Time Data Analysis Figures: Real-Time Data Analysis figures use up-to-the-minute, real-time data. These figures communicate directly with the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis’s FRED™ site, so every time FRED posts new data, students see it within the eText

Interactive Figures: Interactive figures bring concepts to life, helping students see the concepts through directed explorations and purposeful manipulation. These figures are assignable and encourage active learning, critical thinking, and conceptual understanding. These interactive graphs and figures can be found by learners within the eText and can be assigned by instructors through our MyLab Multimedia Library.

5. Testing and Algorithmic content

The pool of testing material available to you is vast. With three University titles in Micro and Macroeconomics, each have extensive test banks that can be used to increase the variety of questions available.  We have also created a general Micro and Macro agnostic test bank to increase the variations further.  We would be happy to chat further on ways to help support ways to further increase this area for your Dept.

6. Transition and Implementation support

We pride ourselves on our team of Product and Implementation Specialists that support the transition from one resource to a Pearson title.  Whatever that looks like for you, we can help with services to make the transition easier for you.

7. Customer Success


  • Discussion of best practices
  • Discussion of learning goals
  • Manage Pearson-Bookstore logistics


  • Curate MyLab content for Before/During/After class
  • Training to faculty on digital resources
  • Faculty and Customer Success meetings to discuss & design course


  • Integrate MyLab with eCentennial for all sections
  • Setup MyLab/ D2L Grade Sync
  • Support teaching team with assignment creation and settings


  • Provide students with registration instructions via eCentennial
  • Host Pearson “Office Hours” and/or class presentations to help onboard students 
  • Provide ongoing platform training to teaching team

Evaluate & Review

  • Collect platform feedback from students 
  • Business Review to share results and collect feedback from teaching team on your usage of MyLab and discuss what has been going well and what can be improved. 

For any questions regarding this, please send an email to Andrea Lehocki