Virtual Schools

Aruwin chose Colorado Connections Academy, a virtual school, because it offered her the flexibility to pursue her dream of becoming a professional alpine skier.

In between practice sessions and competitions, Aruwin spends time planning for her future. After high school, she hopes to attend Cornell University, with the goal of becoming an architect or industrial designer after her skiing career.

Connections Academy allows students like Aruwin to pursue their dreams today, while also preparing them for the careers they want later. Connections Academy schools are tuition-free, online public schools for students in grades K through 12.

At Connections, students can work at their own pace and are supported by certified teachers who create personalised learning plans. Over 70,000 students in the US take advantage of this virtual option, while international students can enroll in our online private school. This way of providing education to even more learners has been hugely successful – 93% of parents with enrolled students say they would recommend the programme to others.