Learning Network Launches New Teen Channel

The Internet's Largest Site for Parents, Teachers and Kids Creates a New Online Community for College-Bound Teens

BOSTON, MA (October 15, 2001) 'Learning Network, the Internet's largest website for parents, students and teachers, today announced the launch of the Teen Learning Network (TLN), a teen-friendly college prep web destination. College-bound kids seeking career advice, SAT and ACT test prep, challenging online activities, or advanced homework help, can now find everything they need at www.teenlearningnetwork.com.

'Teens only want to hang out online with other teens 'it's that simple,' comments Barry Cronin, Executive Producer for TLN. 'Most college prep sites are targeted to adults, while TLN's editorial voice is directed at teens and is anything but dull and boring. TLN provides a safe online harbor where kids can feel comfortable exploring the world and learning more about themselves, their career interests and options. Most of all, it helps them find the best and most appropriate college and career choice at a critical time in their life.'

Foremost on the minds of college-bound teens is 'What college should I attend' Provided by collegeboard.com, the College Finder is an interactive application that helps students find colleges based on a wide range of criteria. For example, a student is able to search for all women's colleges in the Midwest offering Art History majors as well as women's lacrosse teams.

College searches are made more fun and engaging with an interactive, arcade-like College-O-Matic activity, which allows students to randomly explore college web sites and the tool. Informative articles and interactive tools provide step-by-step help in navigating the complex process of applying to college and finding financial aid.

TLN is also partnering with NYTimes.com to bring top-notch career exploration and Homework Help directly to a teen's desktop. As many teens face 3-5 hours of homework each night, the NY Times Homework Help resource allows students to ask reporters questions directly, search national and world news by school subjects, and access the NY Times Web Explorer, which lets students tour web sites mapped to their current curricula. Students can also tap into the vast array of online homework resources including almanacs, biographies, and encyclopedias, all powered by Infoplease.com, also part of Learning Network.

A new TLN Test Prep Center features online content from Number2.com, an affordable online test prep service and alternative to Kaplan. For a limited time as a special TLN launch bonus, students can take online Test Prep for Vocabulary Building, SAT, and ACT standardized testing for free. Registration is required.

Rounding out TLN's new online offer is TLN Live!, a regular teen online Chat Show where teens can meet their peers, students in their first or second year of college. They've 'Been There, Done That' and can pass on valuable and informative information about preparing for college, and what college life or everyday working life is really like. TLN Live! will also present academic reviews for critical pre-college tests such as the SAT and AP (Advanced Placement) exams.


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