Bloomfield, NM Schools to Streamline Operations Through New Online Administrative and Instructional Programs

Rural New Mexico School District Licenses Concert? Instruction and Assessment, and Concert? Business Web-based Applications for Both the Classroom and Business Office

Mesa, AZ - One of the most technologically savvy school districts in New Mexico is preparing to blaze a new trail between the classroom and the K-12 business office. The rural Bloomfield School District, located in the northwest corner of New Mexico near the "Four Corners," is the first school district in the nation to purchase a license to both Concert? Instruction and Assessment, and Concert? Business.

Developed by Pearson Education Technologies, the Concert online education community is the first all-inclusive family of integrated Web-based applications for K-12 education. Concert links together all the functions of a school district, enabling school district leaders to manage their entire educational enterprise effectively and efficiently.

"In a small school district like ours, many people wear many hats. We need to make it as easy as we can for people to do their jobs - without having to learn multiple systems," said Sondra Adams, director of technology for the Bloomfield School District. "Implementing Concert on the instruction and business sides concurrently will help us streamline our operations and provide people with easy access to the information they need to make data-driven decisions."

Concert Instruction and Assessment

Concert Instruction and Assessment combines standards-aligned instruction, lesson planning, assessment, and educational content to help students, parents, teachers, and administrators achieve success. According to Adams, the Bloomfield School District will use Concert Instruction and Assessment to provide teachers with access to online lesson planning and curriculum resources in the classroom and at home - whenever they need them. In addition, the district will utilize Concert to meet state requirements in testing, performance, and data-driven decision making.

"The state of New Mexico is moving toward performance-based education and performance-based budget planning. They call it 'PB squared,'" said Adams. "As a result, we need to be able to better track our testing and provide teachers with long-term assessment results on every child so they can make better instructional plans. Concert Instruction and Assessment will allow us to pull lesson planning, instruction, assessment and student performance management into one system to help us become more efficient and effective in our instruction. Concert Business will help us gather the data we need for the performance-based program budgeting piece required by the state."

Concert Business

Concert Business is a Web-based suite of integrated applications designed specifically for the K-12 business office. Part of the Concert online education community, Concert Business is comprised of three application suites: Finance, Procurement, and Human Resources.

"Concert Business will help us streamline labor-intensive processes, electronically distribute more information to more people, and reduce paperwork and printing issues. In addition, by tying human resources to finance and procurement, it will eliminate duplicate data entry and potential errors," said Adams.

The Bloomfield School District will begin to roll out Concert Instruction and Assessment, and Concert Business in 2003. Pearson Education Technologies will provide implementation management, installation, training, and support services.


About the Bloomfield School District

The Bloomfield School District serves 3,315 preK-12 students across eight schools. Bloomfield Schools' attendance area covers approximately 1,500 square miles. The district's student population is approximately one-third Caucasian, one-third Hispanic, and one-third Navajo. More than 60 percent of students receive free and reduced-price lunches.


About Pearson Education Technologies

With more than 40 years of experience in developing, delivering, and supporting curriculum, assessment, and enterprise data management products, Pearson Education Technologies is the leader in offering comprehensive solutions for preK-12 education. Reaching more than 10 million students annually, our products include the SASIxp? student information system, SuccessMaker® Enterprise and NovaNET® comprehensive courseware systems, and Concert? Instruction & Assessment, the online education community. Pearson Education Technologies is part of Pearson Education (NYSE: PSO), the world's leading integrated education company.

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