Pearson Broadband & Longman announce launch of KnowledgeBox for UK Schools

KnowledgeBox for Key Stages 1 & 2 launched at BETT

Pearson Broadband today announced the launch of KnowledgeBox, the digital learning system for UK schools developed in partnership with its sister company Longman, a leader in publishing and curriculum development.

KnowledgeBox, currently developed for Key Stages 1 and 2, will transform teaching in the classroom through its integrated, on-demand video, interactive software and text-based resources. KnowledgeBox's open system makes it simple for teachers to create and deliver multimedia lessons using ICT resources that will engage all children. KnowledgeBox draws upon thousands of digital movies, animations, software, text and web-links that are mapped to the core curriculum and aligned to the National Curriculum and Literacy & Numeracy Strategies. KnowledgeBox provides a solution to the demands of teaching and learning with ICT that can be used in schools today.

Pearson Broadband President John Hollar said, "KnowledgeBox combines our experience in building digital learning systems with Longman's strength in creating resources that link to the curriculum and support teachers' efforts in the classroom. As the world's largest education company, Pearson understands challenges that teachers face today, and KnowledgeBox is the ICT solution that helps them conquer these challenges for the benefit of pupils across the UK."

Speaking from BETT, KnowledgeBox Sales and Marketing Director, Andy Riddle said, "KnowledgeBox has been developed in collaboration with teachers and curriculum specialists. They highlighted that teachers wanted fast reliable access to engaging, high quality resources that were linked to the curriculum. In addition, teachers have stressed their desire for a system that is simple to use and enables them to concentrate upon the creative delivery of lessons rather than spending hours searching for appropriate material. By placing KnowledgeBox on the school's network, teachers can rely on high quality resources that are available almost instantaneously. KnowledgeBox allows LEAs and schools to get an immediate return on heir investments in school networks and hardware."

To find out more about this announcement, and to organise an interview, please contact Robin Gay at Pearson Broadband on +44 7764 232 855 or Alternatively contact Robin on stand X34 at BETT.



About KnowledgeBoxTM

Developed for UK schools, KnowledgeBox provides quick and easy access to over 1,500 digital resources carefully matched to the National Curriculum and National Literacy and Numeracy Strategies. With KnowledgeBox, teachers can access highest quality video and animation, software activities, print resources, pre-selected Internet links and Teacher Lesson Guides with the push of a button.

A highly flexible resource, KnowledgeBox enables teachers to spend less time planning lessons and searching for digital resources and more time creating imaginative ways to use them. KnowledgeBox supports teachers with creative new ideas for teaching using resources they know and trust. Created by Longman and Pearson Broadband, KnowledgeBox allows schools to harness the full power of ICT and their school's investments by putting teaching with ICT directly into the hands of teachers.

Over 1,500 digital resources including:

High quality digital videos and animation

Interactive software activities

Digital print components

Pre-selected Internet links

Pre-built teacher lesson guides that can be edited, assigned and printed


Easy to use

KnowledgeBox is easy to use. Digital resources are searched by Subject, National Curriculum, National Literacy and Numeracy Strategies, QCA Schemes of Work, Key Stage, Year, Group, Themes, and Key Word. Its simple interface and intuitive navigation enable teachers to search for resources and create their own lessons with confidence and ease. Teachers can be up and running with KnowledgeBox within a couple of hours after a brief, straightforward training session.


Carefully matched to the curriculum

KnowledgeBox has been developed around the requirements for English and Maths in the National Curriculum, and the National Literacy and Numeracy Strategies for Key Stages 1 and 2. KnowledgeBox enables teachers to browse the curriculum and strategies to access resources for lesson plans that relate directly to curriculur objectives. KnowledgeBox also lets teachers select pre-built lesson guides, developed in collaboration with UK curriculum specialists. KnowledgeBox's simple tools allow teachers to modify these lesson guides, or create their own, within an organised framework. KnowledgeBox gives teachers reassurance that they can use ICT resources that are clearly and specifically mapped to delivery of the curriculum.


Resources teachers know and trust

KnowledgeBox helps teachers to engage pupils of all abilities with a variety of digital resources based on materials from leading publishers including Longman, 4Learning, Puffin, Penguin and Dorling Kindersley. These include imprints such as the Pelican series and Literacy Land, video from The Number Crew, and poetry and books by popular authors such as Michael Rosen, Anne Fine, Jeremy Strong and Wendy Body.

KnowledgeBox digital resources support and complement published schemes and resources that teachers are using in their classrooms. Whether they are watching Michael Rosen perform his own poetry or using clips of 4Learning's Number Crew, teachers can feel confident that KnowledgeBox resources have been produced by leading educational publishing companies.


Gives teachers more time to be creative

KnowledgeBox enables teachers to spend less time planning lessons and searching for digital resources and more time creating imaginative ways to use them. KnowledgeBox helps teachers to find additional sources of inspiration and develop their skills in teaching with ICT. By supporting teachers with a variety of digital resources, ideas and aids, KnowledgeBox helps teachers to deliver some of the more difficult aspects of the National Curriculum and National Literacy and Numeracy Strategies in engaging and creative ways.


Engaging, interactive resources

KnowledgeBox provides creative support for teaching. KnowledgeBox helps teachers to motivate pupils of all abilities through a wealth of different resources, ideas, interactive aids, sound effects and appealing characters to engage children whose learning is stimulated visually, aurally, or through interaction. KnowledgeBox gives children richer opportunities for active learning, exploration, reasoning and decision-making. Children can also use KnowledgeBox to conduct their own research, create projects, or to do extra work in areas requiring special focus.


Accommodates different teaching styles

KnowledgeBox is supportive without being restrictive. Teachers can deliver lessons with KnowledgeBox to an entire class using a projector or electronic whiteboard. They can also assign lessons to pupils collaborating in small groups at class workstations, or individually in computer suites. Teachers are able to search for KnowledgeBox's digital resources based on their own preferences and teaching requirements, and match them to the precise learning objectives within the National Curriculum or QCA Schemes of Work, and by subject and age level. Teachers can also choose to use lessons from the hundreds that have already been created for KnowledgeBox.


Brings ICT investments to life

KnowledgeBox helps schools to make the most of their investments in ICT and training ? investments that will endure over time. KnowledgeBox enhances teachers' ability to deliver the core curriculum by providing instantaneous access to highest quality digital resources from multiple connected computers at the same time.

KnowledgeBox is connected to the school's or LEA's local area network, which means it can work on an individual or multi-school basis. In this way, KnowledgeBox overcomes Internet bottlenecks and ensures fast access to resources. KnowledgeBox's digital resources are also automatically updated, and nightly backups protect against data loss.

KnowledgeBox can also help communities of schools to share best practice and to become more actively involved in teaching and the use of ICT in their schools As teachers become more confident using digital resources and integrating them into their lessons, they will demand more and more of technology to support them. KnowledgeBox was specifically designed to support teachers as they hone their skills with ICT to keep pace with developments in digital teaching and learning.


About Pearson Broadband

Pearson Broadband is committed to discovering new and different ways to create, package and distribute relevant and accessible learning-related experiences. By developing high impact, entertaining television and broadband applications, Pearson Broadband invites individuals to participate in personalised learning, in both the home and classroom. From view to do, through TV to broadband and back again, Pearson Broadband continuously develops compelling and interactive ways to meet individual learning needs.

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