Cisco Press Author Rouzbeh Yassini, Father of the Cable Modem, Tells How Broadband Will Change Our Lives

Planet Broadband explores the newest Internet-access technology and how it can solve technological, environmental, and social problems.

Indianapolis, IN - Aligning with author Rouzbeh Yassini, one of the most influential leaders in the telecommunications industry, Cisco Press delivers Planet Broadband, a breakthrough book that explores the latest Internet-access technology and reveals how broadband can solve many of today's problems. The book avoids the style of jargon-laden technical manuals to describe to a broad audience of consumers, as well as business and technical professionals, not just what broadband is, but why broadband matters to everyday people.

Broadband is becoming the most influential medium of communication since the telephone. It's lightning-fast, always connected, and transforms the Internet from a dry medium of words to a multimedia pipeline that delivers video, audio, and a broad array of other media, including television programming, while saving businesses millions. "Experts estimate half of all U.S households will have broadband by 2007," says Leslie Ellis, author and consultant who has covered the cable television technology and industry economics since 1987.

Planet Broadband provides a guided tour of this emerging era that is already touching the lives of millions.  This title also features thought-provoking reporting and commentary from recognized leaders in business, academia, and government who are literally reshaping their institutions thanks to the power of broadband connectivity. The one-of-a-kind book published by Cisco Press, Planet Broadband is a business visionary title that goes above and beyond the scope of most broadband technology books and promises to help general interest readers understand broadband communications and how they too can profit and prosper from its onset.

According to David Fellows, CTO of Comcast Cable Communications, "I have known and worked with Rouzbeh Yassini and his contributors for over a decade, and, in a sense, we (and many others) have tried to discover what broadband is together. This book is a collection of their learnings, observations, and guesses."  In addition, Fellows writes in the foreword of Planet Broadband,  "Broadband will change everything about the way you are entertained, informed, educated, how you communicate, and schedule your life. Maybe even how you are governed. Broadband is the electricity of the information age."

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Rouzbeh Yassini is the founder and CEO of YAS Broadband Ventures LLC of Andover, Massachusetts, a venture capital firm that provides capital financing, consulting services, and academic insight into the broadband industry. In 1990, he founded LANcity, which introduced the first high-speed residential communications modem that was designed to integrate with cable television networks. LANcity's successful introduction spawned a new consumer electronics technology category known as the cable modem, which today, is used in more than 12 million U.S. households. In 1998, CED Magazine named Rouzbeh Yassini its Man of the Year, recognizing his contributions to the industry.

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