Nokia and Pearson Foundation Renew Commitment to Support Schools, Teachers, and Students along the Gulf Coast

Resources Dedicated to Continue Successful Middle-School Digital Arts Program

NEW ORLEANS - Nokia and the Pearson Foundation, the philanthropic arm of publisher Pearson (NYSE:PSO) today announced plans to extend their digital arts program to Gulf Coast classrooms beginning this September.

The Mobile Learning Institute Digital Arts Residency program, which already serves more than 10,000 students and teachers in schools across the United States, helps teachers and students integrate traditional curriculum with the latest video, computer, and mobile communications technologies. Beginning this fall, the program will be extended to Louisiana schools in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Plaquemines Parish, and Algiers Parish, and to schools in Bay St. Louis/Waveland, Mississippi.

The official announcement will be made tonight at the Mobile Learning Institute Gulf Coast Film Festival, hosted in part by the W New Orleans Hotel. The gathering marks the debut of digital films created this summer by more than 500 middle-school students from these same communities-young people who participated in weeklong Digital Arts Summer Camps sponsored by the Mobile Learning Institute. The Film Festival makes it possible for Summer Camp participants to share films they created themselves with friends and community members from across the Gulf Coast.

"These are amazing films," said Lisa Ling, National Geographic Channel correspondent and host of the event. "And these are absolutely amazing young people. They've helped report the impact Hurricane Katrina continues to have on their communities and in their own lives. In the process, they've demonstrated how important it is for people all over the United States to continue to care about the residents of the Gulf Coast."

Working together in small teams, Summer Camp participants scripted, assembled, and created the final digital films. These are the same skills students will develop when the Mobile Learning Institute returns to Gulf Coast classrooms this fall.

"Throughout the school year, the Mobile Learning Institute gives students a chance to shape and share their own ideas in the context of traditional academic subjects like social studies, science, and language arts," said Bill Plummer, Vice President, Nokia Inc. "The program helps young people connect with each other and their communities, and gives teachers one-of-a-kind in-class support."

At tonight's event, Nokia and the Pearson Foundation will formally present films to libraries based on the Gulf Coast, including the American Red Cross, The Tulane University Library, The Historic New Orleans Collection, The Hancock County Historical Society, The New Orleans Public Library, and the Plaquemines Parish Public Library. In addition, the National Geographic Channel and Smithsonian Network announced future plans to share these films with a national audience. The films will be broadcast on National Geographic on Demand beginning in September.

"These personal narratives combine young people's experiences since Hurricane Katrina with their own dreams, plans, and recommendations for how parts of their cities, towns, and communities can be preserved or re-created as the region rebuilds," said Mark Nieker, President, Pearson Foundation. "Along with our partners, we're making sure that these stories of life since Hurricane Katrina will be shared not just locally, but nationally in the months to come. This team-including the W New Orleans, who helped host and sponsor the event; and Fujitsu, who has committed computer hardware that will make it possible to extend the program during the next academic year-will carry these young people's stories far beyond the Gulf. Best of all, this fall we'll also be sharing the Mobile Learning Institute program with even more Gulf Coast students and teachers."

About the Mobile Learning Institute

The Mobile Learning Institute is designed to serve young people right in the classroom. The program delivers technology directly to middle- and high-school classrooms in a way that makes it possible for teachers to integrate students' contemporary curriculum with tomorrow's cutting-edge communication devices. In the process, the program shows young people all that's already possible, and challenges them to determine what comes next-whether it's creating and sharing their personal stories in videos they produce themselves; composing and sharing their own music; or engaging in ongoing, dynamic dialog with people like themselves all over the world. More information is available at

About Nokia

Nokia is committed to having a positive impact on society that extends beyond the advanced technology, products, and services the company creates. Through its cooperation with IYF and other regional philanthropic and social responsibility programs, the company prepares young people to embrace opportunities created by the global economy and new technological advancements. The company has been an active regional contributor to youth and education causes for many years, with Nokia employees making their own contributions as volunteers in a range of programs throughout the world.

About Pearson Foundation

The Pearson Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Pearson, one of the world's leading media and education companies. The Pearson Foundation extends Pearson's commitment to education by partnering with leading nonprofit, civic, and business organizations to provide financial, organizational, and publishing assistance across the globe. The Foundation sponsors innovative educational programs and extends its educational expertise to help in classrooms and in local communities. Since last September, the Pearson Foundation-together with businesses and people from across Pearson-has been helping schools, teachers, students, and their families to rebuild in communities across the Gulf Coast.

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