Millions of US elementary school children are learning to read with Pearson's new elementary reading corriculum

Reading Street

Reading Street

Reading Street, from Pearson Scott Foresman, is the first program that prepares K-6 students for communicating in the 21st century in a systematic way. Reading Street integrates "new literacies," or those skills needed to thrive today and in the future, including reading online; using email; reading Web pages; searching the Internet; evaluating online sources; using online references; and using online directories.

Reading Street is also the first reading curriculum published to be compliant with No Child Left Behind and Reading First, the nationwide effort to enable all students to become successful early readers. Created by nationally recognized experts, practitioners, and researchers, the program also includes fiction, expository articles, biographies, and poems, and a wealth of reliable teaching tools.

Teachers can also use the Guide on the Side, an instructional handbook that provides a wealth of information to support a variety of teaching styles. Resources include an overview of research-based instruction, a plan for monitoring and assessing children's progress, instructional routines and sample lessons, and materials for integrating content based on recognized science and social studies standards.

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