"Miller & Levine Biology" Digital Path honored with 2010 "Tech & Learning" magazine's Award of Excellence

Online version of world's bestselling biology curriculum lauded for engaging and fun content, featured on top education trade magazine cover

Boston, MA (PRWEB) January 21, 2011 - Miller and Levine Biology took top honors for its innovative Digital Path in the 2010 "Tech & Learning" magazine's Awards of Excellence. Named for its two internationally renowned scientist-authors, Dr. Kenneth Miller and Dr. Joseph Levine, the online biology curriculum takes a bold approach to science instruction, combining the power of a robust digital learning path with a proven foundation of academic success.

Developed by Pearson, the global leader in education, technology and services, the world's bestselling biology program is one of seven of the company's products to be honored this year in the magazine's awards program. These prized awards are testimony to the company's global leadership in developing education-technology solutions that ensure that students are prepared for success in college and careers. Selected for the cover of the December 2010 issue of the magazine, Miller & Levine Biology Digital Path was cited by the awards program judges for its "variety of resources and fun and engaging information."

"In the less than two years since its launch, this new digital edition of Miller & Levine Biology has earned wide praise - and numerous awards - from the education and technology communities," said Lynda Cloud, Pearson's senior vice president for Science. "This prestigious honor from 'Tech & Learning' magazine recognizes that by combining the high-quality science instructional content developed by Ken Miller and Joe Levine with a learning environment that engages today's students, we are helping high school teachers around the world prepare the science leaders of tomorrow."

"Miller & Levine Biology" aims to help all students learn the big ideas and science concepts, regardless of their learning style or ability. Customized curriculum packages allow educators to select the learning solution that fits the needs of their individual classrooms. Through Biology.com, the program's compelling digital path, students meet their partners on their adventure into the world of science - a team of young "ecogeek" scientists who have created real-life experiences infusing curriculum topics with new intrigue and relevance for students. Their "Untamed Science" videos offer an ingenious blend of energy, enthusiasm and solid scientific knowledge and biology that engage students as they explore their world. The program's dynamic digital path also offers students and teachers a wealth of resources and engaging activities, including complete online student and teacher editions of the textbooks, editable worksheets, interactive study guides, fun science games and online assessments.

Recent independent research supports the effectiveness of this approach to science instruction. According to an efficacy study completed by Cobblestone Applied Research and Evaluation, Inc., students learning with Miller & Levine Biology significantly outperformed their peers learning with other biology programs, and the program's engaging Digital Path was cited for making a critical contribution to this improved achievement.

For more information about Miller & Levine Biology Digital Path, go to http://www.biology.com.

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