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Pearson today announces that Chief Education Advisor Sir Michael Barber has decided to leave the company in late 2017. Sir Michael plans to continue working with governments around the world to improve outcomes for citizens.

Sir Michael joined Pearson in May 2011, to lead Pearson’s research on education policy and efficacy, and to play a particular role in Pearson’s strategy for education in the developing world through the Pearson Affordable Learning Fund. 

His work on efficacy has been embedded in Pearson’s practices for M&A, product investment, and has helped revolutionize the company’s research and development functions.

John Fallon, Pearson chief executive said: “Sir Michael Barber has been at the forefront of global thinking in education for the past twenty years; we’re very grateful for the expertise he has shared with Pearson and our partners as we continue to work to improve access and outcomes in education.

“Michael has brought to Pearson innovative and rigorous thinking on education technology, the future of assessment and teaching, and low cost education in the developing world among other topics. Most importantly, Michael has helped put efficacy and the science of improving learning outcomes at the heart of everything Pearson does.

“I know that Michael’s advice will be in high demand around the world from those grappling with the biggest challenges in public policy, and we at Pearson wish him well with this next phase of his outstanding career.”

Sir Michael Barber said: “Five years ago, I joined Pearson to help bring a greater educational focus to our company. With John Fallon’s leadership, we developed and launched our efficacy and research initiative, the Pearson Affordable Learning Fund and an ambitious and edgy thought leadership agenda.

“I turned 60 recently and have been reflecting on my time at Pearson. I have a real passion for helping governments be more effective at delivering outcomes for citizens and most of my career has involved this in some capacity. I will transition out of Pearson in late 2017 to devote my focus to this work. I will continue to watch the company’s growth and success with great interest, and I am more optimistic than ever about Pearson’s potential to transform outcomes for learners."


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