Critical Thinking and Communication: The Use of Reason in Argument, 7th edition

Published by Pearson (January 3, 2014) © 2014

  • Edward S. Inch California State University, Sacramento
  • Kristen H. Tudor California State University, Sacramento

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ISBN-13: 9780205943753
Critical Thinking and Communication: The Use of Reason in Argument
Published 2014

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Stresses the importance of argumentation in everyday life

Critical Thinking and Communication, 7/e, encourages students to develop skills in constructing and refuting arguments in contexts ranging from informal conversations to structured debates. The authors stress the importance of argumentation in everyday life while building student competence and critical awareness. Through exercises and examples, students learn to create arguments and develop, understand, and interpret extended cases.

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Part I: Developing a Conceptual Framework for Argument 

Chapter 1: Argument and Critical Thought

Chapter 2: Co-Orientational View of Argument

Chapter 3: Argument Cultures and Ethics


Part II: The Parts of an Argument  

Chapter 4: Claims and Propositions

Chapter 5: Evidence

Chapter 6: Reasoning


Part III: Presenting and Critically Evaluating Arguments  

Chapter 7: Communicating Arguments

Chapter 8: Argument Analysis and Criticism


Part IV: Developing and Arguing Extended Cases  

Chapter 9: Case Construction and Arguing About Facts

Chapter 10: Arguing About Values 

Chapter 11: Arguing About Polices


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