Explore Pearson’s Intro Psych Resource for University of Toronto Scarborough

Presenting in-depth coverage of core introductory psychology principles in a highly engaging format, the 4th Canadian edition of An Introduction to Psychological Science is a robust and enjoyable package for both students and instructors. Available through the Revel platform and dutifully updated for 2024, this title offers unmatched content, relevant coverage, and powerful learning tools.

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The educational landscape for psychology is constantly changing, reflective of the discipline’s progress with culture and time. Pearson takes this to heart within our Psychology titles, ensuring the content, examples, and voices all align to psychology today. Above all, for students to get invested in course material, they must have a learning experience that relates to the world around them. These are some of the many examples from this title:

  • New Artificial Intelligence Boxes: The impact of AI?
  • Detailed content on topical issues such as Immigration, Gender, Environment, Consumer Behaviour, Political Upheaval, and more throughout
  • #Psych Boxes: exploration on the psychological effects of a digital world, social media, and screen culture relating to each chapter topic
  • Psych@ Boxes: relevant, self-applicable examples on psych content (examples include partying, the NHL, court testimonies, Sex Ed, and more)
  • Chapter by chapter updates on latest trends and discoveries in psychology (examples include more modern and diverse studies, increased coverage of Indigenous perspectives, sleep cycles, consequences of COVID-19, among others)
  • Annual Currency Updates: each year, our author team reviews the text to refresh outdated content – while the information remains the same, select examples will reflect current trends