At this level you are likely to work as an apprentice or trainee in order to learn the skills you need in your chosen career.

In some jobs, you will need to take more qualifications while you are working, such as Levels 1 and 2 in horticulture, amenity horticulture or trees and timber.

Jobs include gardener, assistant groundsperson, garden centre assistant, nursery assistant and forestry worker.

Example jobs

Assistant groundsperson
Assisting a groundsperson in maintaining sports grounds.

Nursery worker
Working in a plant nursery, growing and looking after plants.

Forestry worker
Assisting with cutting wood and site clean-up after tree care operations.

Things you need to know

Typical working conditions

  • You will probably work mostly outdoors.
  • You will need to wear protective clothing.
  • You will need to follow health and safety guidelines when working with equipment.

Qualifications needed

You will need to have good basic English and sometimes maths for these jobs. You will also need to be physically fit. Gaining some relevant work experience will also help your job applications. This could be working in a garden, garden centre or on a sports ground.

Career path

It is possible to progress to senior jobs, especially after you have completed your apprenticeship or gained qualifications while you are working. You could become a senior groundsperson, a nursery person or a supervisor in a garden centre.

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