Claire Styles gives a flavour of what it's like to work at WILA Lighting Ltd.

What does your company do?

WILA specialises in the design and manufacture of illumination and light management systems for the high-quality office and administration building industry.

How many people do you employ?

The company employs 100 staff in Germany and 45 staff in the UK.

Where are you based?

The company was started in Iserlohn in Germany 150 years ago. The UK office is based in Wantage and started in 1993. In 2010 WILA opened a manufacturing facility in Abingdon.

The company also employs agents across Europe and has partnerships in different parts of the world.

What types of roles do you offer?

There are a range of roles within the company, from field based specification sales, finance, customer services, administration, HR, applications, lighting and product design. There are purchasing, expediting, MRP and production operative opportunities. 

Apprenticeship opportunities are available in Germany and UK.

Do you have to be qualified in a specific area or subject to work for the company?

Applicants should have a basic level of education, common sense and a good understanding of expected behaviour and values within the work place. WILA has been an IIP accredited company since 1998 and encourages staff to continue with their education, with some staff achieving degrees and master’s degrees in lighting and electrical design. Support is also available from the Lighting Industry Association (LIA).

WILA boasts a comprehensive education and training programme which is reviewed by their line manager in line with 360 degree feedback. All personnel are encouraged to embrace education and training opportunities, which are delivered either internally or externally.

Interested candidates need to have the interest and a passion for the work, the skill set can be developed within the company. For specification sales/finance and purchasing opportunities, it is essential to have a good standard of numeracy and literacy. Good communications skills and
a degree of confidence go a long way in any role.

WILA seeks enthusiastic individuals who want to develop a career in a specialised area, whether that be in sales, design, technical, marketing or finance. In return, WILA offers an attractive benefits package to all its staff.

What’s next for your business?

We have all accepted and embraced the development of solid state lighting, which is the use of LEDs in lighting rather than traditional lightbulbs. These use less energy and are ‘greener’. Lighting does not have to have one source (a bulb). It can be woven into fabric such as a lampshade or to cover a wall or ceiling.

In recent years WILA has refocused its route to market to be more architecturally led. WILA desires all its employees to have or show creativity moving forward. Whether that be in design or creative problem solving. 

Market competition is ever increasing in this industry and so WILA needs to differentiate what it can provide. All WILA staff are well-trained and informed about the products and developments in technology.

Claire Styles

Claire Styles, WILA Lighting Ltd

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