Most jobs requiring few or no qualifications are in roles providing support for healthcare professionals.

You could be a domestic assistant, a laundry assistant, an admin worker or a porter. There are apprenticeships available in healthcare (such as dental nursing or healthcare assistant) and in support services (admin, IT, engineering and finance).

Example jobs

Ward clerk
Booking in patients for appointments, updating computer records, ordering supplies for the department.

Domestic assistant
Keeping the ward and other areas clean and tidy.

Pharmacy trainee
Dispensing medicines, ordering stock, undertaking Level 2 training.

Trainee dental nurse
Assisting the dentist, mixing dental materials, cleaning and preparing instruments.

Moving patients and/or equipment around the hospital.

Things you need to know

Typical working conditions

  • You will usually work indoors, in a hospital or health centre, and will wear a uniform.
  • You might be required to work shifts.
  • The work can be fast-paced, especially in an emergency.

Qualifications needed

Some jobs have no requirements. Others ask for up to five GCSEs, including maths, English and science. For trainee jobs and apprenticeships, you need to be willing to learn and prepared to study (in your own time). You need to be good with people and able to deal with personal information in a confidential way.

Career path

After your training, you will gain more experience in your job. You can then progress to more senior roles, which may include supervising other staff. You could apply to train in a different role. For example, if you are working as a member of the support staff, you could apply for a clinical post, working with patients.

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