People may need help at different stages of their lives, for example in early childhood or old age, or because of a physical or mental disability.

You could work in a role where you are directly providing the care that people need or you could manage staff or organise the services that provide the care. You could choose to specialise in areas such as working with young people, mental health issues, drug and alcohol misuse or the elderly. 

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People are living longer, and the proportion of the population that are older is growing. There will be an increasing demand for care for the elderly. People who need care like to stay in their own homes, so there is a demand for services in the home.

Things to consider

Things you may need to know:

  • You need to be interested in people, even if you work as a manager organising services, where you may have less face-to-face contact with clients.
  • Care work can be hard, physical work involving lifting, bathing and other personal care tasks.

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