The range of jobs becomes more varied at graduate level. You could work in researching, designing or producing a product.

The industry needs designers, scientists and engineers, so a degree in science, design or engineering could help you to start a career in manufacturing. In some roles, an understanding of business and finance will be important.

Example jobs

Ceramic designer
Following a brief to develop designs for ceramic products. 

Quality manager
Overseeing the quality of processes, products or services.

Food scientist
Developing food products and ensuring their safety and nutritional content. 

Production engineer
Improving existing manufacturing lines, creating manuals and job procedures and reducing product scrap.

Research and development manager
Providing technical oversight and meeting programme objectives, improving existing product lines and developing new product proposals.

Things you need to know

Typical working conditions

  • You could be based in an office, lab or factory. You may move between various settings.
  • You may need to travel around the UK or overseas to visit suppliers, factories or customers.

Qualifications needed

You will need a degree in a subject related to the area of work you are interested in. A degree in engineering could lead you into production engineering. Studying product or industrial design could allow you to work in the design and development of new products. A degree in materials sciences could lead to a career in research and development in the manufacture of electronics, chemicals or food.

Career path

Studying for a postgraduate qualification or Chartered Engineer status will lead to a wider range of opportunities. Postgraduate qualifications are available in subjects like aerospace design and manufacture, materials manufacture or food science.

Experience can also open the door to new opportunities. For example, you might decide to lead a team of engineers or take on a more senior management role.

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