Employers are more interested in experience than qualifications, especially for customer service roles.

With some experience working with the public, you could take on a job with more responsibility. For example, you could work as a team leader or handling cash.

Example jobs

Trainee operations manager
Planning the stewarding of large events, supervising a team of security staff.

Security steward
Undertaking searches of bags when people attend events.

Coin operative (cash handling)
Working in a secure area, preparing consignments of cash and valuables for loading onto vehicles.

Cutting keys, fitting and mending locks, advising on products.

Prison officer
Supervising prisoners while they live and work in prison, helping them to change their behaviour.

Case study

Working in security

We are encouraged to talk to customers and shop staff as we go round to maintain a friendly presence. It’s important to be on the alert for incidents...

Kian Evans, security guard at a security firm

Things you need to know

Typical working conditions

  • May be office-based, with time on site supervising staff.
  • Some jobs are entirely indoors or in a vehicle.
  • You may travel from site to site.
  • You may work shifts.

Career path

You could be promoted to more senior roles such as security manager, with a bigger team of staff. You may move into sales or business development, advising on and selling the company’s services. Prison officers can be promoted to senior officers and managers.

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