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Skills and qualities needed

  • Sport: enthusiasm for sport, knowledge of anatomy and physiology, understanding of nutrition and a healthy diet.
  • Retail, hospitality and travel: ability to put the customer first, able to motivate people, interested in visitor attractions and travel, able to deal with many different types of customers, capable of handling payments, able to understand what motivates customers.

Career areas


The sport sector includes a wide range of roles from playing or coaching a sport to working in different environments such as a gym or a school helping people to stay fit and healthy.

Hospitality and catering

Working with food and drink in a range of settings such as hotels, restaurants and events. Customer service, planning, ordering and buying supplies are also likely areas included in roles within this sector.

Personal services

Roles in this sector provide services people may not have time or expertise to carry out themselves such as hairdressing, beauty treatments, cleaning or similar.


Here you will be involved in selling products to customers. This could be in high street stores, online or selling to other businesses in the UK or abroad.


Work in travel and tourism includes arranging and providing air, sea, rail and road transport in the UK or overseas as well as advice and information about tourist attractions and holidays.

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