As a graduate you may be managing or planning services, such as cleaning or facilities management for other businesses.

In many areas of personal services, a degree is less important than expertise and experience in your specialism. You may want to manage (or own) your own salon or spa.

Case study

Working as a massage therapist

Eventually I’d like to run my own clinic, so that I have a permanent place to work. At the moment, though, I’m enjoying the challenge of mobile working...

Cari Park, massage therapist

Example jobs

Window cleaning business development manager
Developing contacts with new customers, negotiating contracts.

Providing a personal service within a top hotel or private home.

Lifestyle manager
Being available to provide a personal service in response to requests from a client.

Cleaning contract manager
Overseeing cleaning operations in multiple locations, including budgeting.

Thing you need to know

Typical working conditions

Things you may need to know:

  • Work can be fast-paced, as you are responding to company or client needs.
  • You may need to travel for your work. The company may provide you with a vehicle.
  • Butlers may live in.

Qualifications needed

To enter a graduate scheme, you will need a degree. Some employers prefer a degree in business studies. If you have a lot of relevant commercial experience, some companies will take you onto their management development programme without a degree. You need to be very business-focused and able (after training) to manage contracts and large teams of staff.

Career path

You can progress to more senior positions, managing larger contracts. In lifestyle management or butlering, you can take on more senior roles or work with more prestigious clients, including overseas.

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