Level 2 or 3 vocational qualifications in appropriate subjects (such as hairdressing) with practical work experience would help in any personal service job area.

Trained therapists, hair stylists and barbers provide services in a salon or spa or in a hotel or cruise ship.

There is a wide range of jobs using skills and experience, including caretakers, language interpreters, sign language interpreters, massage therapists and event planners. 

Case study

Working as a massage therapist

I have always enjoyed meeting people and helping them and this job allows me to do both. No two days are the same, as each client is different...

Cari Park, massage therapist

Example jobs

People with degrees may also apply for these roles.

Beauty therapist
Providing beauty treatments, advising clients and selling products.

Window cleaner
Cleaning windows in domestic or commercial buildings, using cleaning equipment.

Wedding planner
Advising and working with customers to plan all aspects of their wedding.

Translating what is said or written in one language into another.

Senior hair stylist
Possessing the skills to perform any requested hair service that the salon offers, assigning customers to stylists, book- and record-keeping, overseeing the schedule of the salon, ordering product lines for sale.

Things you need to know

Typical working conditions

Things you may need to know:

  • Window cleaners and pest control technicians work mainly outside.
  • Hair stylists and beauty therapists work mainly indoors.
  • Many jobs involve using chemicals. You may be provided with a uniform or protective clothing.

Qualifications needed

You will need a qualification in your specialism at either Level 2 or 3. Most jobs require good customer service skills. You need to be sales-oriented, too, as you will be selling your service and, perhaps, associated products. You need to be well presented, especially in the beauty industry.

Career path

With experience in personal services, you could work for a lifestyle management or concierge service. Or you could become a butler in a large household. You could become a manager of a salon or in a cleaning company. You could set up your own salon or company.

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