You could work as airline cabin crew or as a rep in a resort or holiday centre, in the UK or overseas.

You could be advising customers in a high street travel agency or in a call centre, using your knowledge of the travel industry. If you have skills and qualifications already, such as hair and beauty, childcare or fitness, you could work on a cruise ship.

Example jobs

Air traffic controller
Maintaining contact with air flying crew, ensuring safe take off and landing.

Train driver
Ensuring the train is safe and punctual throughout its journey.

Resort rep
Welcoming customers to the resort, recommending trips, dealing with problems.

Travel/ticket agent
Searching for and issuing travel tickets, advising customers

Cruise consultant
Advising customers by phone, selling cruises.

Things you need to know

Typical working conditions

  • The work will be mainly fast-paced and shift work is common.
  • You may need to work away from home.
  • You may wear a uniform.

Qualifications needed

Requirements vary. Knowledge and experience (in the travel trade or elsewhere) can be more important than qualifications. All jobs require good customer service skills and the ability to solve problems and think on your feet. You may need some GCSEs, including English and maths, and possibly one or more foreign languages. There are very specific physical requirements for cabin crew jobs and air traffic control. You must be 21 or over to begin training as a train driver.

Career path

Resort reps can become area reps. Cabin crew can become senior stewards. Travel agents (in a shop or call centre) can become team leaders or managers. In any company, there may be opportunities to take head office jobs. These involve less customer contact and possibly less travel, but more management responsibility.

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