Emma Dalzell gives a flavour of what it's like to work at Bare Bones Marketing.

What does your company do?

Bare Bones Marketing is an award-winning marketing agency offering simple, down-to-earth marketing services, working on just about any marketing challenge.

As a full service agency, we provide strategy and planning, branding and corporate literature, website design and development, SEO, graphic design, copywriting and PR.

Our clients range from small business start-ups to national organisations, acting as an outsourced marketing and design team with an exceptional level of experience and service.

We're also passionate about our local community, donating time and resource to supporting businesses, charities and education within South Cheshire, and are often found presenting in schools, to small businesses and at events and conferences.

How many people do you employ?

Five employees.

Where are you based?

We are based in Middlewich, Cheshire, but our clients are based all over the country.

What types of roles do you offer?

We have expanded over the last year or so, with a new client service director, and a graphic designer and illustrator as well as a junior client advocate.

Our roles are varied as each team member needs to be multi-skilled given we are still quite a small team, but we offer a wide range of marketing services.

We also use associates, who we engage for specific projects or skills, and we offer internships, mainly to college and university students who are looking for some experience or who want to understand how an agency works.

Do you have to be qualified in a specific area or subject to work for the company?

There are no specific industry qualifications required for our company, however, most of our team have relevant degrees or are studying for a degree.

Essential skills for working in marketing are:

  • good communication skills
  • strong English skills
  • good maths skills 
  • ability to present confidently 
  • ability to use plenty of initiative  
  • good project management skills. 

Many people in the field are CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) or IDM (Institute of Digital and Direct Marketing) qualified, although experience in the field is just as valuable.

What’s next for your business?

In the past year, we have doubled our turnover and we will do the same next year.

We have won large contracts for national organisations, and we are working with four University Technical Colleges (UTCs) because of our great experience in education. We have also delivered over 20 websites in the past year and been finalists in two awards.

We’re expecting more growth in our education work and we’re working on some really exciting branding projects. We’re hoping our growth will continue and we’ll be able to employ at least one more person to join our team. Even though we’re expanding, we’re keen to maintain our exceptional levels of service and our fun, but hardworking culture, as well as continue to grow our community links.

Emma Dalzell

Emma Dalzell, Bare Bones Media

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