Supercharge your students’ learning journeys, with multimedia, assessment and feedback integrated into a digital teaching and learning experience

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Why Revel?

Revel helps you supercharge learning journeys for the whole cohort. Through it’s automated Performance Dashboard, you can keep track of student progress. With analytics quickly identify those who may be struggling or have not completed assignments and need your support. Freeing you from time-consuming prep work to research and innovate.

With training, implementation and curriculum planning support available, this digital learning platform can deliver a fully personalised and immersive teaching and learning experience.


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Discover why Revel is such a powerful tool for lecturers, students and universities 

How Revel can support your teaching?

Step One


Create and deliver your course.

Revel provides flexibility to tailor course reading to your timetable and set assigned chapters to cohorts easily.

Step Two


Engage your students through the interactive learning materials to encourage active learning. 

Revel supports both contact and non-contact hours with easy-to-access, online and offline materials.

Step Three


Monitor student progress and performance through the educator dashboard.

Revel identifies which students are reading and if they are engaging with the assessment content, enabling you to take immediate action.

Step Four


Feedback and support on any areas where students are struggling.

Revel also provides immediate feedback on frequent chapter assessments and activities.

Step Five


Evaluate and evolve your course.

Revel helps you identify any changes needed to improve the teaching and learning experience.

What customers like about Revel

“Using Revel to prepare for the seminar helped to create time to discuss the question in depth. I was pleasantly surprised by the extent I could sit back and let the group discuss the question among themselves.”

- Educator, Swansea University

“I found that I could study from anywhere using the online features and especially the ones that allowed me to track my progress I knew that I was learning what I was supposed to.”

- Student, University of Denmark

“Revel’s design pedagogy is really strong…we learn by practising; we learn by doing …it does allow them to test their knowledge. I think the concept behind it is very strong.”

- Dr. Nicki Newman, Marketing, University of Sheffield


“The interactivity was the best part. Especially with this amount of information, if you read it for a long time, a lot can get lost. You can read but not retain it.”  

- Student, University of Tromsø, Norway


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