Inclusive Access

Inclusive Access provides US college students with equal and affordable access to course
materials by their first day of class, eliminating key hurdles to their academic success.

Crystal Mitchelle finds the resources provided as part of includED - the Inclusive Access program at Southern University in Louisiana - work for her individual learning style and help her grasp the material beyond the text. “Because I had a difficult time grasping information strictly from reading the text, Pearson software granted me the opportunity to reinforce the things that I had been exposed to via text all while accommodating my style of learning.”

For Ke’Von Morrow, a student at Baker University, the resources provided as part of the Inclusive Access program at his school, enable him to study on the go. “Baker360 is an online resource for that busy working individual...I like having access to everything from my phone and/or tablet.” Because he can access the materials he needs anytime and anywhere, he’s able to come to class prepared and ready to learn.

Nearly 700 non-profit institutions are using Pearson Inclusive Access plans. Eight percent of revenue in our US Higher Education Courseware business derives from Inclusive Access, equating to roughly 1.4m course enrolments.