Half a Million Say "No FT, No Comment" UK Born Business Newspaper Reaches Half a Million Circulation Worldwide

Demand for authoritative news, comment and analysis on international business is greater than ever. Today's figures from the Audit Bureau of Circulation demonstrate the Financial Times is making its mark - with a global figure of 503,767 copies, an increase of 6.1% year on year.

Olivier Fleurot, managing director, said:

"Five years ago the FT's circulation was just over half today's figure. There is now an insatiable appetite for international business news, and the FT provides an accurate and authoritative source of information which people can trust. We have grown Britain's best known financial paper into a truly global force. Our aim is to reach 750,000 copies by the end of 2005 and breaking the 500,000 mark this month is a significant milestone in achieving this strategy."

Recent business and editorial landmarks for the FT's growth include:


  • Long term investment in the American market, resulting in a 31.2% year on year increase. In 1997 the FT sold just 32,000 copies in the US, it now sells over 120,000.
  • Growth in Asia of 24.7% year on year, with four Asian print sites in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Seoul.
  • Three editions of the FT, each tailored to its respective market. The UK edition now has increased focus on management, technology, lifestyle and regional commentary. The launch of Weekend FT magazine 'the business' and weekly supplement, Creative Business has attracted new readers from diverse business sectors. The Continental European edition has recently been relaunched and the FT's strategic partners across Europe, including Les Echos in France and Expansion in Spain, mean that the newspaper has one of the largest networks of European correspondents.
  • Strong growth in Germany with the FT and the launch of the FT's German language title, FT Deutschland (FTD), the first newspaper to be launched in Germany in 50 years. FTD is only one year old and already sells over 70,000 copies a day.
  • Award winning FT journalism extended to FT.com, with an integrated print and online newsroom.

FT.com, the internet partner of the Financial Times, also continues to grow its world-wide audience. Figures for March 2001 show an increase of monthly page views to 40 million. Unique users have risen to 2 million, up over 50% year on year.

The Financial Times has evolved to reflecting the changing needs of business people, with increased coverage of new media and technology industries through Connectis, the monthly Europe-wide magazine. Two new ventures also reflect this flexibility:

FT Mobile - a mobile virtual network with The Carphone Warehouse. An internet enabled mobile phone package providing users with authoritative news, analysis and information from the FT, wherever they are and whenever they need it.

FTMarketWatch.com - a joint venture with leading investment site CBS MarketWatch.com, aimed at private investors. Market turbulence saw page views increase by more than a third in a two-week period to Wednesday 21 March. Instant and reliable share price indices are an essential service for investors in today's fluctuating markets.

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