Pearson and Channel 4 form education alliance

Pearson Broadband and Channel 4 Agreement to Span Television and Digital Curriculum Services Worldwide

First Project To Focus on Content for KnowledgeBoxTM, a New Digital Curriculum System Delivering Rich Media to UK Primary Schools to Enhance Pupils' Achievement of National Curriculum Objectives

Pearson, the international media company and the world's leading education company, and 4Learning, Channel 4's education division today announced an alliance to produce and market a series of cross-platform products and services aimed at both children and adult learners.
The agreement will span production and sharing of innovative and educational television and digital content among 4Learning, Pearson Broadband, the television and broadband division of Pearson plc, and Pearson Education, a global leader in educational publishing with renowned imprints such as Longman.
The first result of the alliance will be the digitisation of 4Learning's award winning maths television series, including "The Number Crew," for use on KnowledgeBox for UK primary schools. 4Learning, Pearson Broadband and Pearson Education's Longman Schools Division will collaborate on building a rich media maths curriculum from digital segments of "The Number Crew" complete with video, software, text activities, Internet links and pre-designed lesson plans for UK primary school teachers.

According to Pearson Broadband President John Hollar, "With the government's current ICT initiative, the time is right for UK schools to embrace a digital curriculum system such as KnowledgeBox and earn an immediate return on their investment in broadband, technology and ICT training for teachers. KnowledgeBox will save teachers time integrating curriculum-aligned digital media into instruction and will help better prepare pupils for more demanding assessment. KnowledgeBox is an open platform, and content from such partners as 4Learning will ensure quality and relevance for all primary school teachers."

Says Heather Rabbatts, managing director of 4Learning, "I'm aiming to grow the scale and presence of 4Learning in the UK and internationally. Pearson is the leading global education publisher and we have expertise in delivering creative and innovative TV and web content. I think we are a really good fit and together we'll be able to take advantage of the £15 billion global educational resources market effectively, as well as develop new products at home."

Development of additional television, digital and print based products between Pearson Broadband, Pearson Education and Channel 4 will be under discussion in the coming months.


About KnowledgeBoxTM

KnowledgeBox is an advanced digital curriculum system that UK primary school teachers can use to enhance teaching with rich media aligned to the National Curriculum and QCA Schemes of Work. It is installed directly in schools and is connected to local and wide area broadband networks. KnowledgeBox is based on current research on how rich media works to enhance learning.

KnowledgeBox features hundreds of high-quality digital video segments and interactive software activities, animation, digital print resources and Internet links. All media are available to teachers individually or through structured lesson plans designed in collaboration with UK teachers. All of the assets of KnowledgeBox are aligned to the National Curriculum and QCA Schemes of Work for Key Stages 1 and 2. An easy to use

lesson builder allows teachers to create their own multimedia lessons in minutes—with all digital resources instantly available on demand, from their computer desktops.

Teachers can deliver KnowledgeBox lessons to an entire class using a digital projector or interactive whiteboard, assign lessons for small groups of pupils at classroom workstations or individually in a computer suite. Pupils can also search through the library of media in KnowledgeBox to do research, create their own digital media projects or to do extra work in areas requiring special focus.

KnowledgeBox represents a major step forward in helping UK primary school teachers integrate ICT into classroom instruction and better prepare pupils for assessment by addressing their individual learning needs in a welcoming environment.
KnowledgeBox is already in schools in both the US and Singapore.

About The Number Crew

The Number Crew is a sixty-part series made for Channel 4 to help young children learn maths in a fun and stimulating way.
The programmes are set aboard the cruise ship the SS Mathematical, whose cheerful human crew try to look after their unusual animal passengers. In every programme the crew encounter new challenges that can only be overcome by finding out about a new area of maths, gaining new skills, or learning how to put their maths know-how into practice.

About Pearson

Pearson plc (FTSE: PSON; NYSE: PSO) is an international media company with market leading businesses in education, business information and consumer publishing.

About Pearson Broadband

Pearson Broadband is committed to discovering new and different ways to create, package and distribute relevant and accessible learning-related experiences. By developing high impact, entertaining television and broadband applications, Pearson Broadband invites individuals to participate in personalised learning, in both the home and classroom. From view to do, through TV to broadband and back again, Pearson Broadband continuously develops compelling and interactive ways to meet individual learning needs.

Pearson Broadband is a division of Pearson plc with offices in London, Arizona, Beijing, Hong Kong and New York.

About Pearson Education

Pearson Education is the world's leading learning company. Its textbooks, online learning tools and testing and assessment programmes help to educate more than 100 million people worldwide. Through market-leading imprints such as Longman, which was founded in 1724, Pearson Education helps more than 40 million people a year to learn English - more than any other company in the world. The Longman Schools Division produce educational materials for UK and international schools covering the 4-19 age range across all subjects. Major new successes include the Pelican series, Literacy Land, Exploring Science and the Longman Literature Series (including Steinbeck) in the core focus areas of English, maths and science.

About 4Learning

4Learning is Channel 4's education division and since February 2001 has been a constituent business of 4-Ventures which incorporates all of Channel 4's services and businesses other than the core channel. 4Learning is responsible for producing all of Channel 4's schools programming and adult support material.