Pearson Education Creates New Business Units to Accelerate Integration of Print and Technology

Pearson Education, the global leader in education publishing, today announced it has accelerated momentum in integrating its vast print and technology resources by forming three new business units drawing on talent and technology from its Pearson Digital Learning business and basal and supplementary companies of the School Group.

The new organizations, Pearson School Technology, Pearson Digital Learning and Pearson School Systems, will provide schools with integrated solutions and products to help them solve the challenges of improving student performance as part of the federally mandated goals of No Child Left Behind.

"Pearson Education has been successful with the integration of print and technology to provide content, reporting, enterprise tools and other applications to address student needs.  But technology availability in schools has reached the 'tipping point' and educators are demanding its use for greater effectiveness, efficiency, and to motivate students," said Steven Dowling, executive vice president at Pearson Education and head of the School Companies Group.  "The Pearson Education companies have won their leadership positions in all areas by providing what educators need today, while providing solutions that will carry them into the future.  These changes will help us be quick, nimble, and squarely on-target in anticipating the needs of K-12 educators." 

Pearson School Technology (PST) has been formed to support the building of comprehensive solutions consisting of print and software products.  This new central technology organization for the Pearson Education school companies will leverage the talents and emerging product development capabilities across the entire Pearson Education organization. Jack Lynch, president and CEO of Pearson Digital Learning (PDL), becomes president of Pearson School Technology. 

The new Pearson Digital Learning organization will now focus exclusively on curriculum solutions delivering its flagship SuccessMaker® Enterprise electronic curriculum system; the Waterford Early Reading? and Waterford Early Math & Science? programs; NovaNET® online curriculum for grades 6-12; and the KnowledgeBox? K-12 digital learning system. 

Bob Roliardi, senior vice president of sales and marketing, has been named president of the new Pearson Digital Learning reporting to Beth Wray, president of the Supplementary and Professional Development Group which includes the Pearson Learning Group (PLG) and LessonLab (LL).

"With PDL, PLG and LL sitting side-by-side, Pearson can link student performance, intervention and professional development together and engage our extensive field-based staff of educational consultants to work for improved student performance using all of these tools," said Dowling.

The new Pearson School Systems (PSS) organization will focus on enterprise solutions for K-12 school districts.  With a dedicated focus on the increasingly important student performance management segment, Pearson School Systems will redefine the market by combining the power of assessment, reporting and student information through its widely acclaimed SASIxp?; CIMS® comprehensive finance, human resources, and student information system; and Concert? Solution Suite. 

PSS will continue the extensive enhancement and maintenance plans in place for its entire lineup of administrative products, including the addition of a centralized database in SASIxp.  Mike Evans, vice president of product management for PDL has been named president of the new group.  He will report to Lynch who will retain responsibility for Pearson School Systems. 

"It is because of the success at building PDL during the past year that we can take this step of aligning our curriculum businesses and creating a singly-focused school systems business," said Dowling.  "Since its formation in 2003, PDL has maintained its leadership position in all product categories, captured new market share, and improved its overall performance by more than 200 percent."

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