New web-based system for reporting student performance on assessments launches

Perspective from Pearson Educational Measurement Offers Parents and Educators Access to Assessment Reports for Making Instructional Decisions

IOWA CITY, Iowa. - Pearson Educational Measurement today launched PerspectiveTM, a series of easy-to-understand reports of student performance on assessments that link to supporting instructional resources aligned to state-specific standards. Perspective helps families understand how students are doing, allows educators to prepare for their classes and details what both can do to help students succeed.

"After students take assessments, it is critical that educators and families have access to the results so that they can make future instructional decisions," said Douglas Kubach, president, Pearson Educational Measurement. "We developed Perspective to provide an easy-to-use tool linked to standards-based resources for using test data to improve student achievement."

Perspective's reports are available in three formats: individual student reports for parents, classroom reports for teachers and school reports for administrators. All use color and advanced design techniques to show educators and parents where students are struggling and excelling as well as what is needed for students to be successful.

Perspective helps family members actively participate in their students' educations. Individual student reports, including a targeted interpretive guide to help understand the test results are accessible on the "Family" Web site. Using assessment results as a springboard, parents can identify appropriate learning resources aimed at improving student performance.  The Learning LocaterTM code in each Perspective student report categorizes student performance and correlates it with learning materials specifically chosen to help students improve.

Perspective's class rosters provide teachers with past performance reports for students in incoming classes so that they can prepare instruction to meet those students' learning needs. Perspective's online reporting and resource portal provides teachers with the ability to analyze and interpret student assessment data and find instructional resources that map to student needs.

For school administrators, Perspective reports include graphs and an easy-to-read summary of individual, classroom or district performance compared to state standards as well as a summary of performance results by content area. In addition, school administrators have access to reports that show performance by various demographic groups and analysis of the performance of class, school or district performance on each item or task in the test.

Perspective can be purchased by states and school districts through Pearson Educational Measurement. For more information, visit

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PEM's full-service offerings for K-12 and other assessment organizations include PEMSolutionsTM (Pearson Educational Measurement Solutions) for custom assessments, both online and on paper; PASeriesTM (Progress Assessment Series) for formative assessments; PerspectiveTM for performance reporting; EDWARDTM for assessment-based education data management and reporting, as well as other essential educational assessment products and services. Pearson Educational Measurement operates as a business of Pearson Education, the world's largest education company. More information is available at

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