Pearson Digital Learning announces Waterford Early Learning program Server 4.0

Waterford 4.0 Features Expanded Content, Reporting and Functionality to Improve Instruction in Early Reading, Math and Science

Scottsdale, AZ - Pearson Digital Learning today announces the new Waterford Early Learning Program Server 4.0, the latest evolution of the Waterford Early Reading Program? and Waterford Early Math & Science?. Combining content from the award-winning, research-based programs with new activities, enhanced reporting and expanded functionality, Waterford 4.0 provides a comprehensive solution to take young students from introduction to mastery of critical concepts in reading, math and science. Pearson Digital Learning will preview Waterford 4.0, which will be released this Fall, at the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) in San Diego this week.

The Fall release marks the first time the Waterford Early Learning Programs will be available for the Macintosh platform, allowing schools to leverage their existing technology investments while offering access to a wider range of students. To provide added flexibility, schools may choose to deploy Waterford?s adaptive, computer-based instruction from the new Waterford Server 4.0 or from Waterford?s individual programs via peer-to-peer networks.


In Waterford 4.0, reading content and activities are now organized into five instructional strands that align with the five components of Reading First: phonological awareness, phonics, comprehension and vocabulary, fluency and language concepts. Spanning three levels, each strand is composed of Learning Objectives containing five to eight activities that are sequenced based on the latest reading research. This organization promotes student learning and mastery toward each of the strands, while providing teachers with a clear view into student mastery of each concept.

In addition, the reading program features 40 new and enhanced reading activities, and a new dynamic sequencer. Currently employed in Waterford Early Math & Science, this data sequencer technology enables the program to digitally determine the next learning needs for a student based on his or her performance to date, providing for a more dynamic early reading experience and assessment for each student.

Math and Science

Waterford?s math and science content and activities foster hands-on exploration and inquiry-based learning, while giving students a solid foundation in basic skills as well as creative problem solving. Each of the program?s three levels are organized into four strands: daily activities, number concepts, abstract concepts, and science. Each strand includes learning objectives reflecting national and state standards.

Waterford 4.0 adds three new science experiments to the program?s science lessons, which are based on the idea that all students can be scientists. In mathematics, Waterford provides instruction, practice, application, assessments, and review to help students achieve competency in both number skills and abstract thinking before moving to higher math objectives.

Enhanced Reporting

Recognizing the ever-increasing need for student data on performance, growth and achievement, Waterford 4.0 provides enhanced reporting to give teachers the tools they need to monitor student progress and target instruction and interventions. New features include reports organized by Learning Objective as well as expanded drill-down features to better inform teachers? instruction and decision-making.

Teacher Responses

Teachers in Pocatello/Chubbuck District #25 in Idaho, who piloted Waterford 4.0 while it was being developed, reported that the program helped to improve both teaching and learning in a variety of ways. For example, one teacher valued the variety of activities available in Waterford, noting that "they held students? attention and students were more focused." Another teacher appreciated how Waterford complemented classroom instruction and saved time, stating that, "Waterford covers science and math concepts that I do not have time to cover."  In addition, another teacher praised Waterford?s ability to individualize instruction to match each student?s ability level, stating that, in particular, "Lower level students felt better about their achievements." 

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