Online reading tool for preschool children from Pearson Education's Relaunches Online Reading Tool for Preschool Children


From school newsletters, to expert advice on television, many parents find themselves overwhelmed with tips on how their children can improve., partnering with the National Center for Learning Disabilities, is offering a new version of Get Ready to Read!, a research-based screening tool for testing a four-year-old child's reading ability prior to entering kindergarten.

The 20-question tool, once completed, is scored automatically, indicating if a child's pre-reading skills are weak, strong, or in between. In addition to the score, the tool provides activities and resources to improve those skills.

The new version of Get Ready to Read! doubles the amount of child-friendly, printable, family activities and parenting resources aimed at improving a child's reading skills. These one-on-one literacy skill builders include learning about how books work; becoming familiar with print; familiarity with letters; and writing and linguistic awareness.

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